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Our Partners
(Bronze/Aluminium Powder)
(Product based on Sulfonamides Chemistry)
(Adhesion Promotor)
(Lab Instrument "Gloss Meter & Spectrometer")
(Organic Pigments)
(Carbon Blacks)
(Tinting Equipment)
(Pearl Pigments)
(Additives & Resin)
(UV Absorber, Light Stabilizers)
(Epoxy Resin)
(Ultramarine Blue)
(Dispersion System Beads Mill)
(Ceramic Grinding Ball & Beads)
(Ink Resin & Varnishes)
(Universal Colorants, Polysaccharide Resins etc.)
(Micronized Wax)
(Malt Silica)
(Titanium Dioxide)
P.T. White Oil
(White Oil & Waxes)
(Coating Equipments)
(Heat Stable Inorganic Pigments)
(Fluorescent Pigment)
(Organic Pigment)
(Organic Pigment)
(Chemical Products)
(Dispersion Systems & Beads Mill)

What our partners say about us?
M/s. Iberceras, S.A. - Spain
M/s. Iberceras, S.A. - Spain is famous for their quality waxes and emulsions in world market. They say:

"We are pleased to inform that since long time ago, we are working with the firm M/s. Captain & Co. who collaborates with us to introduce our products into the Pakistani Market. Over all these years, cordial business relations have been developed between our both companies and M/s. Captain & Company has always shown a good will of co-operation with us."

M/s. Toyo Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd - Japan
M/s. Toyo Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd - Japan manufacture various grades of printing ink used in several industries. They have production plants in China, Taiwan, France, Mexico and Japan. There words are...

"We Toyo Ink Mfg Co. Ltd. Contracted Exclusive Sales license with Captain and company on 1st March 1987, that Captain and Company sell pigments manufactured by TOYO INK MFG. CO. LTD. exclusively in Pakistan. We hope that your future activities will include an expand relationship between Toyo Ink MFG CO. LTD."

M/s. Ets Andre'van Lerberghe C.V. - Belgium
M/s. Ets Andre'van Lerberghe C.V. - Belgium manufacturing aluminum powder and paste which are approved for the quality in related industries. Their comments are...

"We hereby confirm that Captain and Company acts as our agent since several years in Pakistan and we are very pleased with their services and the very good relationship between our two companies. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us."

M/s. Deuchem Co., LTD. - Taiwan
M/s. Deuchem Co., LTD. – Taiwan (acquired by Elementis Specialties – USA) , manufacturing the world-class specialty polyols for the coating industry (additives and resins for paints). Their comments are…

"We hereby confirm that CAPTAIN AND COMPANY is our sole distributor in Pakistan; we are pleased with their services and have a very good relationship between CAPTAIN and DEUCHEM Co. LTD. We are thankful for their team to serve all customers, in there; we will do our best effort to support customer and Captain as well as usual. If you have any query, please do not hesitate to contact with us."

What Do We Offer?
Dedication to co-operate, in a spirit of partnership, trust and loyalty, in order to achieve jointly defined objectives.
Geographical Coverage
Adequate coverage of the territory, ensuring efficient distribution of customers’ products to final industrial end users.
Warehouse - Equipment
State of the art logistic equipment for storage, handling, diluting, packaging, etc., meeting the strictest safety and environmental standards.
Sales Force
Efficient sales team, sufficiently staffed and well trained, in order to offer final industrial end-users, with the help of customers’ technical service to provide the best solutions to the problems.
Product Range
Quick understanding of the product range based on our educational and practical experiences.
Market Penetration and Intelligence
Intimate understanding of the specific market segments with the intent to serve the end users with the best products customers can provide.
Financial Situation
Solid financial situation, allowing consolidation and development of our common relationship in the future.
We provide unparalleled support in technical, commercial and market relationships to build business for our customers.

Distribution Policy
Our distribution policy is based on three main axes:
  • Selectivity to work only with the best partners
  • Development of long term relationship
  • Collaboration on Quality and Timely Service
In order to provide the best service to end users of the products handled by Captain, Captain would like to develop close relationships with a selected number of chemical manufacturers.
What we offer
Partnership is characterized by long-term contractual relationship, our presence in the market for more than four decades supported by adequate geographical coverage, sufficient market presence and state of the art logistics capability.
What we require
Together with the full commitment to Quality and Timely service principles, we look for suppliers who share with us in our commitment to bring quality products and service to end-users with the method of training and visits.
What We Do?
CAPTAIN specializes in the marketing and distribution of wide varieties of chemicals to serve various industrial users in the subcontinent and the Middle East region. CAPTAIN provides an unparalleled set of professional services to support our customers' subcontinent and Middle East strategies
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Our Products

Quality Management
Our Quality Management System is the cornerstone of our continuous improvement philosophy and its effectiveness is measured by key performance indicators.
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Value Proposition
Captain's value proposition to customers is to increase value in market share and revenues through accelerated pace by identifying the right opportunities and conducting high level of due diligence to convert opportunities to revenues.
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